Saturday, July 26, 2014

Moments of greatness!

If you believe it!

Peace will come!

If you shout it!

Peace will come!

If you crave for it!

Peace will come!

If you demand it!

Peace will come!

If you want it!

 Peace will come!

Hamas needs vision not force!

Hamas doesn't have a way!

Hamas doesn't know anything else!

Hamas is Gaza's problem!

Gaza is an amazing land!

Gaza is already theirs! 

Gaza can be free, free from Hamas

Free Gaza!

Hamas OUT!


  1. regarding your summer camp posts. If you would remove the profanity, trust me, your message would be much more effective, certainly to adults in the US. Isn't that your purpose, to cause more support for Israel. If you want to keep the original going, fine. Just set up a separate blog without the profanity - If you agree to do it, please respond to my comment with the new link, and thats the one I will forward to my contacts in the US.

    1. ok,
      Thank you for your reply...
      Here is lighter version:

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