Tuesday, July 29, 2014


People of Earth!

This is a short story.
About people of a lost planet called 

It is not a bedtime story.
It is not a children's tale.

Yet, it's a simple story.
To a simple question: 

Once upon a time there was a kid who wanted to know other kids around the world.
So he did the only thing kids do today...

He Googled it... "Hamas Kids"

"This is not right" said the little kid 
"Google must have it wrong".  
So he decided to give it another try..

And Googled... "Israel Kids"  


Can you see the DIFFERENCE?! 

Sorry. Back to our story.
In a land far far away, a new kid was planning a summer vacation...bla bla bla...

So he Googled it: "Hamas Summer Camp"

"Cool!!!" the kid thought to himself. 
"I can learn how to kill people during my summer school" and a big smile shined his innocent face.  
"Mom and Dad would be so proud of me". 

"But HEY!" the kid paused. 
"Who can kill better than the Israelis?" he asked him self...

So he Googled it: "Israel Summer Camp"

Can you see the DIFFERENCE?!

A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders... 
A boy wanted to kiss another girl.
But he didn't want just any girl, no!
He wanted a "BAD ASS GIRL!".

So he Googled it: "Hamas Girls

"Hold on..." said the little boy to himself. 
"Israel is the mother of all evil"
"I bet they have the baddest of them all"

So he Googled it: "Israeli Girls

 Can you see the DIFFERENCE?!

You think Israel is BAD?! 
How can the world be so Blind????
How can the world not see the difference???




This post is not about justifying the actions of one side and blaming another.

This post is not about an excuse for innocent people dying.

This post is simply about the difference.


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