Wednesday, July 23, 2014

People of Earth!

People of Earth!

This is a short story.
About people of a lost planet called 

It is not a bedtime story.
Nor a children's tale.

Yet, it's a simple story.
To a simple question: 

Once upon a time there was a kid who wanted to know other kids around the world.
So he did the only thing kids do today...

He Googled it... "Hamas Kids"

"This is not right" said the little kid 
"Google must have it wrong".  
So he decided to give it another try..

And Googled... "Israel Kids"  


Can you see the  FUCKING DIFFERENCE?! 

Sorry. Back to our story.
In a land far far away, a new kid was planning a summer vacation...bla bla bla...

So he Googled it: "Hamas Summer Camp"

"Cool!!!" the kid thought to himself. 
"I can learn how to kill people during my summer school" and a big smile shined his innocent face.  
"Mom and Dad would be so proud of me". 

"But HEY!" the kid paused. 
"Who can kill better than the Israelis?" he asked him self...

So he Googled it: "Israel Summer Camp"

Can you see the FUCKING DIFFERENCE?!

A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders... 
A boy wanted to kiss another girl.
But he didn't want just any girl, no!
He wanted a "BAD ASS GIRL!".

So he Googled it: "Hamas Girls

"Hold on..." said the little boy to himself. 
"Israel is the mother of all bad"
"I bet they have the baddest of them all"

So he Googled it: "Israeli Girls

 Can you see the FUCKING DIFFERENCE?!

 You think Israel is BAD?! 

Are you so stupid???
Are you so Blind????
Can't you see the difference???

Google it: "Hamas Culture

Google it: "Israel Culture"  




  1. Very good! keep up the good work!

  2. Well, to be fair, if you google "palestinian kids" or "gaza kids" you get a very different set of pictures, pictures which are much less sympathetic to your argument.

    You are comparing a political party to a country. What would happen if you did the converse comparison of right wing Israeli politicians and regular Palestinians?

    Hamas is a horrible government that needs to be removed from power and Israel has every right to defend itself. But I sure hope we find a way to reverse some of the policies that have been keeping ordinary people suffering so long they turn to those maniacs for defense.

    1. But Hamas rule over Gaza, and run their schools and "culture"
      I know good people from Gaza and you will never hear them because they will die my friend..

    2. I was going to say the same thing! The person who wrote this is the real "slow and stupid" one. This blog only points out the cushy, normal life Israeli kids enjoy and the sad, dangerous lives kids in Gaza live. Anyone with half a brain sees that there are major problems with this person's arument.....and grammar!

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    4. While hitler ruled germany, not all germans were bad.
      I'm pretty sure that his supporters and the supporters of all the killing were a minority, but while he's ruling he makes the shots and to stop him the whole world had to invade germany and declared a fucking war against them!
      So history showed us that sometimes people suffer because of their rulers and in order to stop them sometimes it's inevitable that the people ruled by them get hurt in the process.
      That is exactly what's happening in gaza today, we are trying to help the people of gaza by eliminating their terror government who has done nothing but hurting them.
      The only difference between then and now is that the world is trying to fight us and stop us from helping instead of stopping the terroristic government of the hamas who deliberately hurting its own citizens!

    5. This is "DR tawfik hamid about the suffering of palestinia…" на YouTube - DR tawfik hamid about the suffering of palestinia…:

    6. what right wing Israeli politicians? the "worst" is Meir Kahane party google "Kach kids". you get nothing. israelis don't fight fair they fight to lose but stay alive. so if someone wants to lose a bit less or brake even he is a fanatic right wing. and did you google palestinian kids because i did and "pictures which are much less sympathetic to your argument" is true but they still do prove the point.

    7. Hamas is a "political party"? are you fucking stupid? or just plain retarted?

    8. You make a valid point, so I used the word "Palestinian" instead of "Hamas". The pictures were actually pretty much the same, with the exception of "Culture". The Summer Camp pics were the exact same

    9. That's because summer camps are a luxury Palestinians don't have.

    10. If they took the money that the world gives them, and build schools instead thousands of tunnels, apparently they had the luxury of the camps. And it's true, if you search for "Children of Gaza" in Google, you'll find heartbreaking images, equally heartbreaking images you find when you searching for the murder of israeli baby by Palestinian sniper, or the club 'Dolphinarium' where 15 teenagers were murdered by the Hamas terrorist, or the three precious children of the Fogel family were murdered in their sleep! Or ... just search for Israeli children in the summer 2014, I promise you'll find heartbreaking images of children who are in shelters for 13 consecutive years because of Hamas firing ... So the truth .. I did not buy your wisecrack, another blind and stupid!

    11. It's usually the fool projecting his stupidity onto others. You can try to justify the murder of innocents, or the shelling of a UN school all you want, the actions are still monstrous. You're literally justifying it by saying "See, we're only as bad as they are". Great argument. Israel gets a free pass because of the blight of religion on this world.

    12. When you read or watched on the news that the school was boomed
      Did you read and watch that Hamas fired rockets from there?
      You think you get the whole picture just by watching a headline news but you know nothing, and you are comfortable with the thought that everything you hear or see on the news is in fact what is going on...

      Did you know that Hamas is controlling all the outgoing media?
      Did you know that reporters are not allowed to report about the activity of Hamas otherwise they will get killed or deported?

    13. What's monstrous is less the bombing of a UN school and more the reasons behind it friend. The reason it was bombed was that it was besing used as a bomb shelter by the Hamas, knowing that an attack on such a structure will provoke the same reaction as yours. The political tactics of the Hamas are their most terrible feature. Same goes for the number of casualties in Gaza, when Hamas know theres a bombing coming(and they do every time) they keep civilian hostages in the building to claim the maliciousness of Israel. WE ARE NOT as bad as them(Hamas, not Palestinians in general), those men are twisted and evil. If, for example, they wouldn't have been using this tactic, their civilian death toll would be cut down by around 70-80%. Understand, they aren't fighting for a people, they are fighting because when they were 6 or 7 somebody took them from their home, and taught them haterd. You wanna be mad at something? There ya go.

  3. Good job, it fits to anyone, any perspective...

  4. should've googled "hamas babes" ;)

  5. I agree with Mark Strong. It is a pure propaganda with false comparisons , oversimplified reasoning and argumentation, false images. This kind of propaganda was used by the nazis against the Jews. It Is a dangerous political tool; it can only work with the blind and stupid, but it is an insult to every intelligent individual.

    1. without a doubt it is a propaganda but it is not false and has nothing to do with nazis saying so is a propaganda of its own. but that is the way of the web suddenly everyone is a propaganda fanatic.

    2. Ivana my dear.... forgive, but you are blind and stupid!
      Try each one of the phrase used and you should get the same results...
      The only thing you should answer is "Do you see the Difference?"

      Stop blaming one side for being responsible for the other side stupidity!
      Stop thinking every thing in life is propaganda

      Israel doesn't wish for kids to die!
      Hamas wishes to kill Israeli kids!

      Israel doesn't wish to destroy anyone!
      Hamas wishes to destroy Israel!

      I don't want to see dead kids!
      I don't want to see people get heart!

      Start pointing the finger to the right direction, the people of Gaza!
      They choose this path!

      Did you know that in every strike the israeli army let the target know that this is what's going to happen???

      Where in all the history of wars have you seen one side warning the other side to prevent casualties....

      If you don't think I am right?!
      Here is a suggestion:
      1. Go to Gaza
      2. Find a Hamas human right activist
      3. Tell him you think he is wrong
      4. Kiss the world goodbye!

      Israel has freedom and choice
      Gaza has Hamas

      Just try and argue with them!

  6. Funny and stupid like the one who posted it, why comparing Hamas to Israel when the logicial comaprison should be (Israel - Palestine) or (IDF - HAMAS), Hamas is an army stupid, Google: Palestinian Kids, Palestinian Culture, Palestinian girls.... SEE THE DIFFERENCE.
    and here's a video, it might remove a little bit of your ignorance

    1. So I googled everything you said, instead of Hamas Palestine kids, girls culture.. Not much difference

    2. Israel is fighting Hamas though, not Palestinians in general

    3. OK let's just get this out of the way -
      Hamas doesn't represent Gaza nor Palestine. Really they don't. They are actually interested in continuing the bloodshed, don't care about the Palestinians or the occupation and they really just want to kill as many Jews as possible.
      As long as it's for Hamas's good, they will even let their people, their followers die. Where the fudge are Hamas when it's time to remove debris after bombing? If so many peopl- heck Children for Pete sake- have already died, why don't they say: "Seriously, enough damage was done, we call for a ceasefire."
      Because they don't really give a shit about what's happening to the people in Gaza, but hey - better show the world how much they suffer while we do nothing to help them!
      And about IDF vs Hamas. Bro, Hamas stated from day one that they are aiming for civilians.
      Hamas in it's own eyes and in Israel's is fighting against Israel and is not aiming to fight an army vs an army.

    4. Aslan Arz...
      I might be stupid (I have called my self that)

      But you are dumber!

      If you have educated yourself with the facts you would have realized that Israel is not fighting the Palestinians!

      The west bank keep on living their lives and no one is trying to kill anyone there

      The only comparison is between Hamas and Israel!

      To all of you who think that not all the people in Gaza are Hamas.
      Blame them for being silent
      Blame them for not standing up against their own
      And blame them for making Israel do the hard work for them!!!

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    6. IDF KIDS and IDF GIRLS looks better than Palestinian Kids, Palestinian GIRLS!

    7. hey i wanted to say google "IDF kids". ya point still proven.

    8. hmmm, just by the way.. the clip u advised us to see?.. just something to know: Itamar Roz - the man who made it, and plays the interviewer - he is a satire writer and a director. he is making videos of that kind.. look it up. and whats that video was trying to show (in a "funny" way) how kids can be kids.. and that they are mostly "infected" with opinions that they are to young to really understand. Itamar was asking them questions that would lead to this kind of answers. it was made as a satire nothing more.
      so don't take it as more than it is.. its not what you think.
      and also i looked for what u asked us to - its not so different from what that guy posted..

    9. I am curious Aslan, what do you see when you Google idf summer camps

    10. I can't believe I'm replying to your ignorance but I will....
      So Israel kill civilians, 700 deaths so far but who to blame Hamas? Are you serious? Do you even realize that Hamas is DEFENDING those people?! well, the fact is: you lost the war from every aspect, social media against you, international voice against you, protests against you, tactical wise you guys lost, you have the most expensive weapons and aided 3 billion a year by USA for your army and yet you can't reach Hamas, that's because the whole army is as dumb as you :P get over it, you are killing civilians and kids because you are frustrated you can't reach Hamas, how about you go mourn or the 100 dead soldiers from your army or the 500 injured, or the prisoned shaon, or you know what keep posting this bullshit because ou are probably getting paid for it
      And for those who sai we googled what you suggested: if you googled Palestinian kids and didn't see any oppression by Israeli army, you are definitely blind

    11. lol "I can't believe I'm replying..."
      This is a conversation, so obviously you'd reply.
      Anyway, let me link to you an explanation about the death.
      BTW, before that, Hamas doesn't defend those people, that's bullshit. Hamas uses the civilian population as human shields, denying them the options of running away, and launching missiles from homes and civic buildings.
      Anyway, on to my link:

      Numbers, probability, indiscrimination and massacres

      Lately I’ve encountered many who claim that the IDF is attacking Palestinians “indiscriminately”. Watching Al Jazeera one can see that the majority of those who were killed in Gaza were young men. This does not go hand in hand with the claim that the killing is random, considering Gaza’s demographics.
      With that in mind, yours truly decided to carry out some simple calculations in order to test the claim that the IDF kills combatants and civilians indiscriminately.

      First, let us look at the size of the population in Gaza, which is estimated at 1,805,000 (based on the 2010 census + extrapolated population growth).

      The size of the various armed organizations in the Gaza strip is estimated at 25,000. This is also the figure the Hamas boasts (the Zionists have larger estimates, but why trust them?)

      Therefore the number of uninvolved civilians in Gaza is 1,780,000.

      At this point, according to the press the number of Palestinian casualties in Gaza is 572, with 28% being combatants and 72% being civilians. Therefore, as simple calculation shows that the odds for being killed by the IDF is 0.0064 if you’re a combatant/terrorist and 0.000247 if you’re a non-involved civilian.

      That means your odds of being killed by the IDF if you’re a Hamas terrorist (or combatant, depending on one’s point of view) is 28.48 times greater than if you’re a civilian. Looks like there is a very cut and clear distinction with the IDF specifically going after Hamas and not civilians.

      Some people, not familiar with the basics of the science of probability may ask, “So how come there are more dead civilians than combatants?” The answer is simple. Most of the people in Gaza are non-involved civilians. The terrorists are only 1.39% of the population.

      Consider this: Had the IDF truly been killing people indiscriminately in Gaza, considering there are only 1.39% Hamas terrorists in Gaza, one would expect to see only 8 dead terrorists out of the total of 572 fatalities.

      The current ratio of terrorists to civilians among the fatalities is in fact an indication of the IDF’s unparalleled efforts to safeguard the lives of civilians and target only the terrorists. This becomes even more clear when comparing similar situations such as the Americans in Fallujah or American air strikes in Pakistan (see sources below)

      So, to summarize:
      Civilians: 412 killed out of 1,780,000
      Militants (Hamas): 160 killed out of 25,000

      This was posted two days ago.

    12. Aslan mate, people here are so naive :-) They think they can persuade a Turk who already made up his mind. Such idiots.
      They do not know that Turks cannot be bothered with the facts. Facts like, if Israel truly wanted to kill kids why not just carpet bomb Gaza? Why endanger Israeli soldiers lives if you can just bombard the hell out of Gazans using an air force that has 0 threats from below? Why not engage in another operation in the west bank at the same time kill double? Much more efficient no? After all Israel is conducting a genocide according the air head antisemite ignorant (who does not even speak English) prime minister of Turkey.

      I also adore the way Turkish parliament members demand Turkish Jews to apologize for whatever acts you think Israel committed? What do they have to do with all of this?

      As a matter of fact, did you already apologized to the Armenian people for the first genocide of the 20th century? Or for butchering kurds by the thousands? How about Greek Cypriots for stealing their land?? The audacity Turks have just astonishes me.

      We all know that Turks are extremely emotional, impulsive and border line ignorant. That is the only way I can find the logic of attacking Israel in Turkey by emptying Coca Cola bottles on the road. The same way you destroyed Italian refrigerators in the streets when Italy refused to turn in Ocalan.

      To conclude, you need to stop listening to the anti semite propaganda spewed by Erdogan and his posey, who destroyed Turkey and removed all the achievements of the great Mustafa Kemal. You know I have a point. But if not, you can always call me stupid. That will definitely make my point...


    13. Palestine culture?
      Here you have it:

    14. Hamas is an army? Really, is that what you call it? You show your ignorance... Hamas is a terrorist organization.

  7. I don't want to be petty, because this is an awesome post which shows the difference between kids' education in Israel vs. Gaza, but the problem is that not every person/child/woman in Gaza is necessarily Hamas. Meaning, that even if this post shows the differences in culture and mentality, it still can't make innocent citizens/kids deaths legit. I think that Israel's main PR problem is that innocent people (especially kids) get killed in Gaza. No one likes to see that. No one.
    I know that Israel has a right to defend itself and know about all the effort Israel has invested in avoiding hurting citizens - it's all true! But the point is that innocent people and kids dying is horrible. Anywhere. That's the PR problem.

    This is great for a lot of foreigners that still think that Israel is a desert wasteland with camels for cars :)

    1. You forget one thing!
      The People of Gaza have a choice?!
      They should be the one to be blamed for choosing Hamas as their leadership...

      Ask their brothers in the west bank who are working and living in Israel ask the thousands of tourists who visit Israel every year!

      Ask the people who has no Agenda!!!

    2. Israel's main PR problem is that innocent people (especially kids) get killed. when it should be Gaza main PR problem because they are the ones hiding terrorist with a smile on there face.

    3. Not a 100% of the people chose Hamas.

    4. I don't know where are you from or what is your life point of view but I have one question:

      What will you do if you catch your neighbor snicking into your home holding a knife and looking for your kids?

      1. Offer a lemonade and sit down to talk about it...
      2. Ask him nicely to leave you alone...
      3. Take that gun out of your belt and shot the fucking terrorist back to the moon!!!

      1. Invite

    5. @Slow Stupid, I'd confront the neighbor over their actions. What I wouldn't do is bomb the whole neighborhood.

    6. you see.. that is where you are wrong!

      bombing the whole neighborhood would be starting a war with Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.... that's the neighborhood..

      Israel is in peace with Jordan and Eygpt
      Israel has no desire to attack Lebanon or Syria

      Hamas on the other hand is our neighbor and as you said.. Israel are confronting our neighbor.

      The IDF makes all the efforts that can be made in order to avoid the lose of innocent lives, believe that and are half way through.

    7. Okay, to use your definition of the neighbourhood: if your neighbour comes in with a knife looking for your kids, do you bomb his entire family?

  8. just want to say this a ignorant fucking post!
    this just how far the world have become to just a clicks from what is reality. Do not believe for second that the People of Palestine doesn't wish to be linked exaclty as in the post of Israel world.
    It really makes me sad to propaganda like this #wearetheworld DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND YOUR ANY DIFFERENT!!

    1. hey, just watch it...

    2. This post is not about the Paletinians!
      Israel is not fighting them... there are no bombs in the west bank
      People are not dying there

      This post is about the differences between Hamas and Israel way of life and about the choices you can make

  9. The biggest irony in today's situation is the hypocrisy of the "free world". I totally agree that every child's death is a tragedy. I agree not all Gaza people are Hamas. But what did the world ever do to help these people? It is very comfortable to be sitting in London, Brussels or Geneve and condemning the "atrocities" of Israel. How exactly does it help the non-Hamas people? They must be saved from the barbaric gang named Hamas, not the only democracy in the middle east - Israel. By taking the same biased stand against Israel over and over again, you only play to the hands of Hamas. Because that is exactly what they want - photoes of dead children. That will prevent Israel from completing its job once and for all - taking the Hamas down. Will only give Hamas another opportunity to put their missiles next to Kindergartens, hide more ammo inside schools and hospitals. Because honestly not a single one of you believes Israel would sit and let its own civilians be targeted by rockets. And Hamas knows it too damn well. And they also count on your voice against Israel, because, obviously, they don't expect to beat Israel on the battlefield. That would never happen. They do, however, expect YOU to do the PR job for them . And some of you do a damn good job. History shows unless cruelty is stopped at its very sprout - it tends to come back in much scarier scales later on. Because had Hitler been stopped earlier - many lives would had been saved, including those of the german people. So the next time your media blames it all on Israel's "disproportionate reaction", ask yourself what would have happened, had allied forces been thrown same accusations during WW2, and cease fire been signed with Hitler in the middle. The next time you come and blame Israel, ask yourself " Am I not eventually causing more children deaths in the future by not raising my voice against the terrorist gangs in Gaza?".

    1. Leonid my dear, you are so right!

      Our problem today is that we live in an instant world.
      where everything should be ready in a flash.

      Your message is almost impossible to deliver to those who only comply to images.

      I have been once in Gaza, during the time Israel was still there and it was one of the most beautiful place in this land... palm trees and white sandy beaches... it can be a tourists Mecca only if they had leaders with vision...

      Hamas could have turn Gaza into paradise rather than hell
      Destroying is much more easier than building

    2. and this is someone that knows haw to speak in English. (not like me). that was beautiful.

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  11. I think you should read "All's Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Remarque. You should also watch "The Fox and the Hound" which used to be one pf my favourites as a kid.

    1. I am willing to hear and read anything you recommend... honestly!!

      Will you be able to convince a Hamas fellow to do the same?

  12. Hamas was elected in a free elections by the Palestinian people.

  13. Hamas is not a country though...

    1. Israel is currently at war with Hamas! not with the people of Gaza

  14. This post is pure awesome! Couldn't describe this any better, very nice!

  15. HAMAS is not a country, HAMAS is not a culture, HAMAS is a militarized revolutionary party, so therefore the search is not done correctly. Also HAMAS does not represent all Palestine, its majority is only in GAZA. Also HAMAS only exists since 1980, therefore that is not the reason for the problems between Israel and Palestine, for there were 40 years of conflict before the existence of HAMAS.

    It is senseless to search HAMAS culture because that is not a country, they do not posses culture. It is as senseless as to search, Likud culture (which is the party of Netanyahu).

    And so on for the rest of the search.

    An almost equal search would be HAMAS vs IDF or Israely military, and both have guns in their hands, so for me there is no difference. The only difference is that Israel has an army because of all the money that it receives from international budget, and Palestine doesn´t have one, so the civilians join the revolutionary group, it is sad, to know that civilians join the HAMAS party, but history shows that HAMAS was created as a result of the huge military force that is the IDF.

    It is unffair to condemn one side because they carry arms, when the other side has even more weapons.

    The only solution here (which 7 peace novel prize winners suggest) is a total arms embargo for both sides in order to put end to this senseless apartheid. The same strategy was used for South Africa around the period where Mandela was elected.

    So, yeah, people are stupid as it says in your post, but not for the reasons shown there.

    PS: If people think that because there are no "hot girls" in Palestine they have less rights than beautiful girls, then there is a serious problem!

    1. You missing the point...
      Israel is not in an Armed conflict with the Palestinians.

  16. uhhh.. is the blogger aware of the crap he/she spews?

    Summer camp:

    just happy children. not represented by Hamas.

    Palestinian girls (not Hamas girls)
    on google shows up different beautiful palestinian girls not violent aggressive ones

    Palestinian culture

    my point is, this battle of the land shouldn't become a religious or cultural battle.

    1. I love this one

  17. why Israeli girls and not Israel girls? google Israel girls and see the answer. even when Israel supporters are somewhat right they are also lying. and I am Israeli.

    true headline - lying zionist...

  18. Try the same thing with "Palestinian kids"

  19. The difference?, that kid did a bad search in google. " Israeli people " and " terrorists"?, of course he get that results. The real search in google is not "Hamas kids", is "Palestinian kids", and then you will see the difference. This is all a STUPID WAR, and the only stupid people is just the people who justified this war. STOP THE WAR. The hate make more hate. This kind of post make more hate, calling to the people who wants war STOP, idiots. My only vote is for STOPPING THIS FUCKING WAR.

    1. No!
      You would like us to confuse between Hamas Kids and Palestinian kids but this is not true... Did you know that Gaza and the West bank do not share a border?

      Did you know that Israel is not attacking the west bank?
      Did you know that the Palestinians in the west bank have been building a life for themselves?
      Did you know that Hamas is responsible for 2m people?
      Did you know that Hamas received millions as donations?
      Did you know that Hamas took those donations to build terror infrastructure in Gaza?

      Did you know that Israel said "Yes" to seize fire and Hamas said "No"!
      Did you know that Israel is providing Electricity to Gaza?
      Did you know that Israel provides supply (food and medicine) to Gaza?

      You only know that you see on the news so what do you know? you know nothing of the reality in this area!

  20. What about the overall structure? The problem to solve. As somebody pointed out: The conflict is older than Hamas.

    We have people with a country and one people without country. An occupation of areas by a country that does not claim to have the right to the areas but has built and continues to build settlements on this areas. This process will make more and more difficult to create a country for the other people.

    There are people that were not allowed to return to their homes after 1948. They are living in camps.

    Occupation is oppression. Oppressor and oppressed. Somebody would say it is a necessary oppression of a human kind. Yes? But still it is an oppression.

    Is there anybody that thinks that Hamas disappearance would solve the problem?

    This was a summary of the problem structure to think about after this Gaza war and before the next starts or a new intifada breaks out on the West Bank or something like ISIS jumps into the structure.

    1. You are right... the conflict is older than Hamas but take a look at the West bank... you don't see people die there!
      You don't see the army marching in the cities in the west bank to kill young kids

      Did you know that Israel left Gaza and pulled people from their houses as an act of faith so the people of Gaza can get the land???
      It makes me so mad when people are using these words when they have no idea of the reality in this place!

      So here are some facts:
      1. In 2005 Israel left Gaza -

      2. In 2007 Hamas took over Gaza and elected itself to rule the land

      3. Since then and earlier... Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel

      "Occupation"... you say...

      It will make you a better man if you could only stop for a minute and ask yourself the hard question: What did the other side (Hamas) do for peace?

  21. Fuck off you little peace of shit...what do you expect palestinians to do when Israel kills 1 palestinian kid every 3 days ??? How do you want them to smile and laugh and enjoy a summer vaccation or summer camp when their homes are being bombed and their family relatives are killed ??? Using Hamas as an excuse to destroy a whole nation..after seeing what Israel is doing in gaza I completly understand why Hitler was burning the Jews alive ? God has always been mad at the jews since the begining of life because no matter what he gave or did for them they were always unthankfull and zionists...kiling unarmed civilians, children, women and elder people in cold blood and call it self defence...shame on you

    1. I expect you to do the same thing when you see Hamas killing and Israeli kids..

      I feel sorry for those who are caught up in the area of combat
      I feel sorry for the lose of innocent lives

      I blame Gaza people for being silent!
      I blame Gaza people for not standing up against there own!
      And I blame theme for making Israel do the hard work for them!

      You always think that Israel has an agenda to occupy
      You always think that Israel is the bad
      You always think that Israel wants to rule Gaza

      Fuck Gaza!!! take it!! it's yours!!! but leave Israel the fuck alone!!!!
      people are talking about occupation where in fact Hamas is the one occupying Gaza!!!

      This should be the message of the world
      Hamas! Stop occupying Gaza and free the people

    2. Are you fucking kidding me ??? you are comparing what hamas did to israelis to what israel is doing to Palestinians...Just imagine if things were the opposite and it was Palestine miltary killing israelis right and guys would call it a new holocaust right?? But you know will all burn in hell in such a painful way I don't even wanna be in your shoes will pay a very high price for every innocent palestinian you have savagely killed..just look how Ariel Sharon died may he rest in HELL

  22. Interesting how the blogger stays silent in the comment section except if its in response to a comment by a user with the same views...but if someone with a brain explains the idiocy of his statements, nothing...pathetic.. of course, it doesnt really surprise me that the author prefers to avoid debates where there are facts to undermine everything he's advocating, that must be tough for someone with such an obvious deficiency in English grammar. Isnt that right, Slow Stupid? You dont want anyone to be "heart" in Gaza, do you? And obviously, like you say so eloquently and poetically, "Destroying is MUCH MORE EASIER than building". Comparing Hamas to Israel is a MUCH MORE EASIER way to prove the idiotic point you are trying to make. A sensible user previously showed you how Hamas was democratically elected in 2006 in pretty much a landslide victory. Shortly after, seeing as it was going against Western interests who were keen on bringing them down, a series of sanctions, embargos, economic blockades were enacted upon them by western and non western countries alike such as neighboring Egypt, driving Gaza into a rapid downward spiral of economic suffering from which they had no way out. At most sporadically recognized internationally, without an economy, with friends and relatives being heavily discriminated just over the border in Israel, gradually losing more and more territory, with a very underwhelming weaponry and military asset that can never even be compared to, let alone compete with, Israel's US-backed massive arsenal. Palestinians are not against Hamas, I mean im sure some are, like in any country, but you cant say that Hamas is not defending and avenging Palestinian citizens that keep getting wiped away day after day. Screw their rockets, it takes about a 1000 of Hamas rockets to do the damage of one israeli missile. You think Hamas is unaware that its a lost cause? that its a david vs goliath task? That Israel can and just might wipe the whole Gaza strip off the map? These rockets that the Western world is denouncing so heavily and apparently justifies Israel's offensive do nothing, relatively speaking, and are but an act of desperation from a desperate people, and to claim that its basically their own fault for keeping up the fight and forcing israels retaliation is a disgusting mentality.

    1. Before I go on I would just say.. forgive me for my bad grammar, English is not my native language but only 1 out of 3 languages I speak..

      You say Hamas has no way out... I say you don't know what you are talking about...

      Israel will agree to open the border and provide help to build the economy in Gaza but only under one condition: "Disarm Gaza"
      Not because Israel wants an easy way in to take over gaza (Israel can do it in 2 weeks even with Hamas armed)

      Simply because Israel wants to secure the life of its people, the people of Israel! Who spent the past 60 years building and making Israel a better place to live in...

      If they desire so much in building Gaza, what would be easier than excepting this condition?

      Explain that?

  23. Replies
    1. Here's a thought:

      Go to the government building (the kneset) in Israel and shout:
      "Fuck you Israel"
      You will find out that:
      Some people will join you
      Some people will ask you why?
      Some people will disagree with you
      Some people will try to argue

      Now go to Gaza and shout: "Fuck you Gaza"
      and you will be executed on the spot!

      Do you understand the difference!

  24. Just google it right stupid .... you will see how israel is learning thier kids on the heat and guns and how to love rokets and killing palestinian kids... just google it right "stupid"

    1. indeed,agree with you.
      how about if Google's owner are belong to Israel??
      they can display everything good about them
      and display worst about everything they hate
      just simple logic

    2. This is what called Dumb and Dumber!

  25. Both Google owners are Jewish. What do u expect they will show you? They will show you whatever they want.. This is part of the Propaganda you stupid ignorant...

  26. and by the way have u tried to google Gaza Kids or Palestine kids???

    1. Israel has no conflict with Palestine kids!
      Israel has no conflict with Gaza kids!

      You don't understand the conflict!
      Go and learn about hamas and this organization desires and then come back and preach for good and bad!

  27. This is the worst argument I've ever seen. It's not a fair comparison, why not google Palestinian kids, or Israeli army? This just seems to put forward the idea that Gaza kids should be bombed because they are all child soldiers for Hamas, which is obviously untrue. Oh, and great way to articulate a point by shouting "are you fucking stupid" ...I'm sure that will get you far.

    1. No one is trying to justify the killing of kids
      It is an argument about who should be the one responsible.

      Understand the differences and you will understand that Hamas is responsible for this.

      Did you know that Israel has agreed to seize fire (twice) while Hamas continued to fight?

      Did you ask them why???
      Do you hold them responsible for this?
      Do you know that Hamas is controlling the outgoing news and that the reporter there are not allowed to report anything bad about Hamas or they will get killed???
      Do you know anything other than the headlines on the news??

      I guess not... all you know is how to write "propaganda" because it make you feel good about your self and makes you look smart!

  28. This isn't an argument ... this is a propaganda piece ... a weak one

    1. It's not a propaganda simply because it is all true and based on facts!

      there are huge differences between the way of life in Israel than the way of life in Gaza (Ruled by Hamas)

  29. Seriously, how can you post something like that and think this is ok ? You know, a lot of people out there have a hard time building an opinion for themselves on such a hot topic and you're filling their mind with subjective information ? So, following your demonstration here, all Palestinian kids are Hamas fighters? Obviously that's not true !
    Freedom of speech (with the help of the internet nowadays) allows you to say pretty much whetever you want. However, I believe you stand right on the limit here because your post is a call for hatred (in addition of being indeed a piece of propaganda) and you should really be careful and precise this is only your opinion here instead of calling blind and stupid people who do not share it.
    Be open to debate, accept others' opinions and only call "truth" the facts (a Google search obviousle does not fit into this category), because in fine your patronising speech does not help anyone (neither Palestinians, nor Israelis).

    1. The thing is that people don't understand anything!
      The conflict is not between Palestinians and Israel...

      Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority
      Did you know that?

      Did you now that in the past 7 years, Hamas did everything to prepare for this day of fighting...?

      What do you know?

      I can post something like this because the differences between the people in Gaza (ruled by Hamas) and the people of Israel is exactly as shown in this post

      You don't want to believe it
      You say "Propaganda"
      Find out for yourself!
      And ask: "what good did Israel do to the world in the past 60 year"
      Then ask: "what did the Palestinians do"?

      They have only one goal in life and they do not hide it:
      "Kill and destroy Israel"

      Israel has many goals in life none of them includes killing anyone!!!

      Do you see the difference?

    2. BTW

      If you think Hamas leader are thinking logically like the rest of the western world thinks than think again!

      If you think they do the math of damage control than explain to me why didn't they agreed on the seize fire who Israel agreed on twice?

      I will tell you why... because they wanted the IDF to go in with tropes so they can claim some achievements by killing and israeli soldier... The truth is that they don't care about the people of Gaza

      Hamas don't care about the people of Gaza!
      Hamas is the one to blame in this conflict
      Hamas is the one responsible
      Hamas can stop it! not by using force!

    3. Where do I say that I support Hamas ? And along the same lines, where do I say Israel are murderers ? You're getting carried away, man.

      1. I never pretended I knew everything about what's going on there, but you claiming this is simply a war between Good and Evil prooves that you probably know even less than me. The world is a little bit more complicated than that.

      2. The fact that a country/region/... is governed by extremists doesn't mean every citizen under it is as well. Are all Israelis right-wing or extreme ring-wing thinkers because their government is ? I don't believe so. Hence your post isn't representative of neither Israelis, nor Palestinians.

      3. Please stop mixing Hamas and Palestinians ! Hamas definitely should accept the ceasefire first and then start again talking about putting an end to the Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip. The priority is to stop this massacre (see I guess we agree on one point at least).

      4. I think you should work as a movie director, you're really good with conspiracy theories. Stick to the facts and don't create history before it happens ! In the end, that was the sole point of my first comment (since you don't really seem to care about inciting hatred).

    4. I am not claiming anything, I point out the differences between to 2 sides... yes I know there are people in Gaza that disagree with Hamas but where are they? why are they silent?

      Why don't I see the same effort and anger pointed to Hamas who is responsible for the people there?

      You are probably a western person who know nothing about living with extremist terrorist as neighbors, otherwise you would think differently...

      You sit somewhere in the globe and don't have to think if your kids will get murdered on their way to school just because they are different..

      You say stop the blockade
      I say Israel will once it will have a guarantee that it is secured

      You think 2000 bombs killing 500 people is out of proportion?
      Did you know that in Syria 1000 people are murdered on a daily basis because they are fighting each other

      The only problem is that you think these people are logical and they will except you as you are!

      Did you ask yourself what is the human rights in Gaza?
      Did you ask yourself about women rights in Gaza?
      Did you ask yourself about freedom of speech in Gaza?

      Gaza have demands???
      Israel left Gaza 10 years ago and the only thing that came out of Gaza is terror so don't lecture me about what I know and what I don't know.

      I can understand the suffer of the people there.
      I can sympathy the innocent people
      I will not stay silent as they rise to kill me!!!

    5. you don't see the people you want don't you? because they are Hamas!. People of Gaza itself is Hamas, don't you clear? that's why they willingly die rather than to run away. And you stamp this people terrorist? look at yourself before speak

      You left Gaza 10 years ago but you also left them pain of losing family, homes, ect. You speak terror? compare what did Israel do with what Palestina do, it's clear which one is the terrorist. Unless you are blind

  30. Just type "palestinian kids" so.
    You will maybe understand some things...

    Your "HAMAS" / Palestine confusion is just stupid.

    1. Saying the confusion is stupid is like being stupid and not understanding the conflict....

      Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority
      Did you know that?

      Did you know that there is no fighting in the west bank???
      Did you know that Palestinians from the west bank have relationship with Israelis (business & pleasure)

      So trying to include all the Palestinians in this conflict is stupid!
      This is why the difference is between Hamas and Israel!

    2. That's why, when I ask ppl question, why do they support Hamas, I never use a word Palestine. Because all the ppl in the streets protesting against Israel, actually support GENOCIDE of Israeli ppl (again), because that's what Hamas wants, a complete cleansing of Israel and its ppl! And they support Hamas, because HAMAS is firing the rockets and building tunnels and only using Palestinians, so they are covered by someone! It's all just a scam on stupid ppl...and as we see, it works. There is enough stupid ppl in this World, so they can continue with the Genocide.

    3. Who do u think u r trying to make a fool of, the people around praising u for ur shit are dumbfucks like urself. if one searches gaza kids the pictures of corpses and amputated bodies shud show up and upon searching israeli kids pics of children writing greetings on missiles and children being taught firing machine guns shud show up, upon searching for israeli scums the zionist scumbags on hilltops will be seen cheering bombing of innocent civilians. Israel is an illegitimate state comprised of very ugly and ungrateful people and this pathetic state shud be demolished at an earliest and the scumbags be brought to task. The whole world is up against israeli terrorism, u cant fool world for long with ur propaganda.. u zionazi dīckheads wud put even nazis to shame, and the sad part is that u are abusing jews and judaism for ur nationalistic sick polity, may God let loose His wrath on israel and wipe it off the face of earth, judaism rejects israel and killing of civilians, hell is awaiting u douchebags.

    4. One noob... you are a dick!
      You are an ignorant fucker who knows nothing.
      You are a lost person in the cyber world

      Go live in Gaza and see the fear of Hamas in the people eyes..
      You think Israel is so bad, ask yourself on which side do prefer living

      Hamas: where people get killed because they think differently
      Israel: where you can be whatever you want

      you are stupid!

    5. people live in Gaza fear not because of Hamas, some people in different religion like christianity have family in Europe but they not leave Gaza, you know why? because they have solidarity for their moslem friend that Israel try to kill. Still not have a clue? ask UN, who destroy their shelter school? is it Hamas?

      Now clear who the one causing fear

      right now you can do whatever you want because you supported by high technology,military, economic, and your greatest ally, US. But you forget that you have raise anger from many people all over the world

  31. And u shud be dumb and retarded instead of slow and stupid, u aint stupid u are a dick. Shalom

  32. that's not a fair comparison. Hamas is a political party and terrorist/militant organisation, Israeli is a nationality.

    if you chose to Google Palestinian girls/kids/summer camp in comparison to Israeli girls/kids/summer camp that would be fair!

    if you choose to Goggle Hamas girls/kids/summer camp compare it to Settler girls/kids/summer camp, or perhaps to The Jewish Home or Kach or any other Israeli political party equivalent to Hamas...

    1. Not Fair???

      Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority
      Did you know that?

      Hamas is a terrorist organization:

      They control all the resource in Gaza: Taxes, Armed forces, Politicians
      So basically they are a state inside Gaza

      And they are the one that Israel fights! Not the Palestinians.

      The conflict is between Hamas and Israel
      Now, I don't see you running and blaming Hamas for this situation

    2. Hey mister, don't you think it's weird if palestenian people prefer choose their death rather than following you opinion (refusing Hamas). And you also see their children throw peeble to israeli army. Don't you get a clearance that Hamas itself is palestenian people? now think.

  33. hahaha Hamass is a terror organization silly ^^
    What did you think it'll look like?
    Please, everyone, you should know; there's a difference between a terror organization and the Palestinian people. I mean come on.
    and just a tip: don't rely on Google Images as your information source hahaha

    1. hahaha... you missed to whole point and came out stupid...

      This conflict is not between Israel and the Palestinians
      This conflict is between Israel and Hamas

      Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority

      People would like to see it as a conflict between Israel and Palestinians because otherwise it will make sense for Israel to defend itself!

      And make no mistake... this is a defense mission
      If the IDF wanted to destroy Gaza by now Gaza would have been wiped out of the map a week ago!

      Did you ask yourself why does Israel has such an international support to keep on doing what it is doing

      Find the responsible and blame them, don't point at Israel because you are too lazy to do your home work!

    2. Hey mister *again,
      see and think again, palestenian people in Gaza itself is Hamas, don't you think?

      if you call this a defense mission, so it means, shooting children in the park?

      You can see in youtube, israeli soldiers making fun of palestenian people, as they shoot them they celebrate (woaah it's so fun ya? :) )

      I already get the responsible, the mooost responsible one, of course, you know who :) .

      and the last,
      if we too lazy to do our homework then we will not waste our time to argue with you about this problem.

  34. All of you are not talking on the big picture here! This is not about hammas.
    This is not about gaza or israel.
    This is about religios people and what they are doing in the name of islam!
    I hate all religions and i think that religion is the virus of human kind.
    Christianity had it's bad times too but for now islam is the only religion that makes a mother proud of her son for blowing him self up just to kill some jews! This is a religion that fills the heart of it's followers with hate towards the non believers no sot just jews. So this is not a conflict about territory, not really.. This is a conflict of faith and prejudice vs modernization and peace.

  35. Google is not a God !
    Search 101: keyword! This stupid is googling a terrorist group against a people Hamas is not Palestine dumm... Try Google 'american terrorist group' and tell me about 'the land of the free'...
    This guy is just so stupid he doesn't even educate himself. Get out of Google image and start with Wikipedia

  36. Fuck you israil we will kill all of you one day. Israil is a big terörist country and just 7 million people ;) we will kill one by one we are OTTOMAN we not die yet just resting and charcing power

    1. It is THAT exact mentality that leads to military operations by the IDF. When people say "Never again" about the attempted genocide against the Jews, they mean it. As long as you have this mentality of "We will kill all of you..." then you will be targeted and destroyed by Israel.
      Put down your hate and there will be peace. Israel has all the right to attack in the name of self-defense. Stop trying to kill Israelis and Israel will let you live in peace.
      It's THAT simple.

    2. Greater people have tried before and they are all dead now.
      I would have expect you to have a brain and try something else but I guess this is one of Israel's problems... it is up against people with no brain... slow & stupid!

    3. 1.5 out of 7 million of Israeli citizens are musims, but you would still like to kill everyone. This sort of shows the point of your barbaric muslim ideology - you do not care seing your kind dead in millions, as long as some jews are also dead.

      And I dare you to come to Gaze and give your Hamas brother some aid, because you are not just another keyboard commando, screaming "we are ottomans" while jerking to the picture your leader in the cozy comfort of your home. Are you?

  37. To the author of this post "Slowstupid"...
    I would have shared this article on my Facebook page, but your use of the word "Fuck" all through the post makes it too vulgar for me to share with my family. I agree with everything you posted, but the vulgarity diminishes the validity and worthiness of the article to share. Sorry.

    1. It's ok and I am sorry for that but it made me so mad, it just came out as is.

      You are free to do as you wish and the whole idea is to understand that there are 2 sides here:
      1. Israel who is seeking for peace and quite
      2. Hamas who is seeking for destruction

      People don't understand and think this is an excuse for the actions that the IDF is taking rather than a simple statement, it has no choice!

  38. I just now Googled 'Israeli kids' and was presented with numerous images of children holding machine guns and writing their name on bombs.
    I then Googled 'Gaza kids' and was the presented with numerous images of dead or terrified bleeding children.
    So all I can say is the author of this blog must be living in an alter reality.

    1. No. The truth is that I am living in the exact reality where people wake up in the morning and wishes to go to work, school, raise kids, travel the world and be free about it...

      while not far away there is a group of people (Hamas) who wakes up in the morning and all they do is wish the other side to die!

      People think Israel is responsible for Gaza situation but the truth is that Israel left Gaza more than a decade!

      I don't see anyone pointing a finger and blaming Egypt for not doing anything to help Gaza, they do share a border, you know!

      You think you figure it all out just by getting some nasty picture on the news but the truth is you don't know anything and keep on blaming the wrong side!

      That's reality!

  39. Israelis and jews are not evil, palestinians are not evil. Hamas and the Israeli goverment that have been butchering people from both sides are evil. And the biggest evil of both is without a doubt the Israeli goverment which mercillesly slaughtered and displaced (with the consent of the UN, fucking morons) thousands upon thousands of palestinians, created the biggest concentration camp in the world (Gaza), started wars with their neighbouring countries taking advantage of the USA support, and still continues to kill and take more and more land away from the palestinian people. YOU are not as bad as Hamas, far from it, it is a terrorist government and it should be put down and its members put on trial. But! YOUR GOVERNMENT is the scum of the earth and in my opinion wholly responsible for all this mess. They shouldn't have taken a land that was not theirs. And dont get me started with the right of return, thats the biggest bullshit if ever heard. If I leave my home I don't expect that 2000 years down the line my descendants will come to the same spot and say the people that are living there to get the fuck off or get killed. Plus, there have been researchs that say that the original people from Canaan were most probably black skinned people or african, so the jews in Israel aren't even related to the people that were expelled from there.

    1. Scum of the earth???

      Did you know that in every attack, the IDF sends warning to the people in the area by phone, by sending out leaflets and by striking with lightweight missiles just to avoid killing innocent people???

      Did you know that Hamas is threatening those people not to leave so they can use them as a shield??

      You know nothing! and you have know idea about the history of this place...

    2. I do know about the history of Israel, maybe you should do more research about your own country instead of believing everything you see in your israeli tv news and then calling everyone ignorant. It's bullshit to say that IDF sends warnings in EVERY attack. This if the first time they have started to do so. They didn't do that in 1948 when they killed thousands upon thousands of palestinians and evicted even more. Have they done that any other time except now, that the public opinion is so hot against you and news travel so fast? Don't bullshit me man, I'm not so easily fooled. I know Hamas is a terrorist organization and that they are opressing their own people, but they have been in power for less than ten years while the blockade has been there for over 40 years. Yasser Arafat was willing to give Israel ¡¡80%!! of the palestinian territory in order to stop the conflict and Israel refused because they wanted even more... they wanted all! Go look at a map how much territory palestinians have lost to you since 1948 and how much they keep losing, it is a joke! You talk a lot about how palestinians can make a life in your country, and that is only partially true; palestianians are subject to different laws than the israeli in Israel and this laws have been devised to discriminate them. Stop bullshitting people!
      Look at this video if you want to find out some truth about your government. This is coming from an israeli son of an israeli general:

    3. Do more research?? Are you kidding? because you saw some lecture from a guy whose been to Israel 2 generations???

      My family have lived in Israel since the early 17 century!
      My son and daughter are 11 generation in Israel... did you know that the Palestinians is an invention? That there is not proof of in the early history of such people?

      Israel has been forever a conflict between 2 sides who claimed this land to be their own!

      The only difference which you fail so consistently to understand is that Israel was established through a legit process and was reject by the other side who could not except it and started fighting... and losing over and over again...

      You want to hate Israel
      You love to hate Israel

      But the truth is that it represents everything that is good in this shit hole planet!

      People are ignorant and one day, when the Islam will rule the world and freedom will be something to pray and hope for... your grandchildren will think of a small state named Israel which stood against it!

      Keep digging your head in the sand!

    4. @slow stupid, what you say not give the point. We know you have been in this so called Israel land ever since 17 century. And when you scattered all over the world in the past. We understand that you want to rebuild your old triumph by making a country like spoken in your tabut, area around yerussalem, but that's doesn't mean give all the right to kill people in different religion right? Check it, what you destroy in Gaza there also Moslem and Christianity, not just moslem by what you think.
      Okay, i think i see you hate Islam,may you say why you so much hate Islam?
      right now, do you think we moslem restrain our freedom? fighting or hate people in different religion? I came from Indonesia (do you know Indonesia?), in this country all religion come in peace yet most of the people are Islam (there about 5 religion in here, or even more). Now check for yourself if you have a doubt

    5. and also, the one who make Israel spread all over the world in the past isn't palestina people right? then why when you came you shoot bullet at them? don't you ever think?

  40. This "article" makes my blood boil. How ignorant can you be to say: google hamas kids, and israeli kids and you will see who is right and who is wrong. First of all: google is not a source where you find the honest truth. And second; you cant compare a terror organization with a country. Don't blame these children for the horrible things that hamas is doing. These children are not the problem of this war, they are the biggest victims of this war. These children are not old enough to make decisions for them selfs. Allot of them will or did not even reach the age where you start to figure out for yourself what is right and what is wrong. To decide what you stand for and where you believe in. We should teach our children to treat each other with respect and dignity. To treat your neighbor like you want to be treated, only then there is a change that we can make this world a better place to live in. This "article" is certainty not contributing to that.

    1. These children are not to be blamed, you are right about that.
      Their parents who kept silent for the past 7 years and did nothing while Hamas kept on preparing for war are to blame...

      Did you know that Hamas has been using all the resources just to get weapons and dig tunnels so it can heart Israel?

      The people of Gaza who chose Hamas as their leadership are the ones to blame

      The people of the world who is ignoring the fact that a group of terrorist (Hamas) is controlling the population in Gaza is the ones to blame

      We (the western world) think we can talk reason to them but they have only one desire and that is to destroy Israel no matter the price, why don't you stand up and blame them???

      You are not interested in the truth!
      You see kids dying and you think you are so smart to take side

      Did you know that in Syria more than 1000 people including kids are get killed EVERY DAY?
      Did you protest against them as well? why not?

      There is no excuse for innocent people dying but you should point your finger at a different direction, take a look at the pictures and understand who is trying to live and who is preparing for war!!!

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Good content but the vulgar language is totally unnecessary.

  43. This is awful, biased and absurd. Not to mention stupid. So you really believe that by googleing images provided mostly by western media you can decide who's wrong and who's right y a centuries old complex conflict?

    Not only that, you actually expect people to believe tha "hamas" and "palestinian" are the same thing? That al palestine people are terrorists? That palestine children actually want to be recruted by armed groups to die in their name?

    This post just makes me sick and tired of simple minded ignorants who insist on trying to justify the Israel army murdering inocent civilians, including children. Palestine children. Not "children of Hamas", not terrorists.

    1. Did you protest against Hamas firing rockets from Hospitals?
      Did you protest against Hamas firing rockets from schools?

      You think you understand the whole picture just because you saw some headline news.

      You fail to understand one thing:
      Hamas doesn't care about killing it's own people and this is what this post is all about, it's the difference in the mentality of both sides

      One side wishes to live and let live
      The other side (Hamas) wishes to destroy and kill

      You are failing to point out the true responsible: Hamas!

  44. Maybe you've should of tried googleing this: or this: instead.

  45. Er wow, you are stupid! Try replacing the word Hamas with Palestinian! What you've stated is like saying Search Al Quida instea of Muslim! Hamas is a minority Terrorist group that doesn't represent the whole of Palestine just like Al Quida don't represent every Muslim!

    1. No!
      You have it all wrong!

      You think that Israel is in fight with the Palestinians but you are wrong and therefore not so smart too...

      Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority

      Did you know that Hamas controls everything in Gaza: Taxes, Education, Employment, Politics
      Basically it's a state separated from the west bank (they don't share a border)

      You know nothing about the reality
      This is the enemy that Israel faces, not the Palestinians!

      This is the reason why the comparison is between Hamas and Israel
      You think this post is an excuse for people dying, think again... this post is point out loud the things that motivate both sides

      You always sympathy the weaker side and fail to understand that this is what they want... they want to fight, they want to destroy Israel...

      Gaza people have elected Hamas which is a terrorist group to be there leaders and fight against Israel instead of leaving Israel alone and start building a life for themselves..

      You are failing to understand the responsible for this situation and therefore you come out stupid!

  46. If you replace the word "Nazi" instead of "Germany" you will also find a lot if crazy stuff, but are all Germany nazis? NO! Are all jews zionists? NO! Are all Palestines terrorists? NO! Is there anyone here that can come with a good argument for Israel´s acts, then we can talk! Because this is (sorry about my french) bull shit !

    1. There is no good argument against killing innocent people...

      However, this aggression is after:

      1. Israel left Gaza more than 10 years ago after it was promised for peace
      2. Israel has kept silent day after day while Hamas kept firing rockets
      3. Israel has closed its border after Hamas took over Gaza
      4 Egypt has closed it border too after realizing Hamas is using it to import weapons into Gaza
      5. Israel has trying to prevent Hamas fighters from getting into Israel and explode themselves in Israel cities
      6. Israel has no agenda to fight anyone
      7. I know it hard to believe after watching the pictures on the news
      8. Hamas is using it's population as human shields
      9. Hamas is firing from schools and hospitals
      10. People of the western world cannot believe that this is the type of enemy that Israel faces
      11. People of the western world are not exposed to all the facts

      The stupid comparison to the Nazi of German is ignorant as the Jews in Germany did nothing wrong other than being Jews

      whereas Hamas is not hiding its desire to destroy Israel simply out of pure hate

      Argue with that!

  47. please google - jewish settlements kids

    1. The Jewish settlement is a minority who is not controlling Israel whereas Hamas is controlling Gaza and the people there... Do you understand the difference?

      I myself is apposed to the settlements but it represents a small group in the political map of Israel so don't blind us with irrelevant information

  48. Hamas seems to be party, not country? So compare not right and, possible, intended misleading.

    1. Really??? Hamas is just a party???
      Who is negotiating the ceasefire?
      Who is controlling Gaza?
      Who is responsible for those innocent people?

      Instead of trying to talk their way out they use force and Israel is stronger!

      Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority

      Did you know that Hamas controls everything in Gaza: Taxes, Education, Employment, Politics
      Basically it's a state separated from the west bank (they don't share a border)

    2. Let me post to all of you one simple question. Who would you rather have moved into your safe, secure and peaceful neighborhood? Islamic militants families, supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, Islamic Jihad, or Jewish families, doctors, teachers, writers, scientists? Please be honest . You will have the answer of which side represents good and which side represents evil

  49. LOL is this how you compare ?
    lets search ,
    Israel kids and look down further , you will find them with guns too .
    Search for palestinian kids (Not hamas ) LOL you are comparing a country with a party (which rules a region )
    . palestinian kids getting slaped and arrested .

    search for Palestinian girl can you ? or you made this stupid blog just to mislead people ?

    1. Mislead???
      Boy are you dumb!!!

      Did you know that Israel is the only democracy in this area?
      Did you know that Hamas kills people with different opinion?
      Did you know that Homosexuality is a crime for Hamas?
      Did you know that women have no rights?
      Did you know that freed of speech is not allowed in Gaza?
      Did you know that people are being executed without a trial in Gaza?

      Misleading? you are just another ignorant piece of data in the cyber world!
      You are so blind you cannot see the truth!

      Who is misleading who?

      The images in this post shows you the exact differences between Israel and Hamas and I say Hamas because Israel has no conflict with the Palestinians...

      The truth is hard and you are ignoring it!
      Sadly it will be your reality soon in Europe too as Muslims rise and rage the street against anyone who is not like them, good luck!

      May Alla be with you!

    2. democracy? when volunters from other country and even UN try to help innocent people is got shoot is what you called democracy? you must be kidding
      Hamas kill people with different opinion? compare with how many Israel kill? lol
      Hamas doing homosexuality ? Islam not permitted homosexuality you know. Show your source, or you just tell lie
      Women have no right? ask theirself, I'm sure they not like your opinion
      freed of speech? people being executed without a trial? again, show the source, it's sickening to hear it without even tha fact, because I know they will not do that

      Again, say that Israel no have conflict with Palestinians, your speak
      disgusting. If Israel not have conflict, why they kill children, why they destroy hospital, ambulance, market, shelter school, volunteers?

      Rise and rage in street against anyone who is not like them? it's you who not see the truth. Look muslim at Indonesia, look at malaysia, England, and many other countries.

  50. This is the most blind and stupid post I've ever seen. And this blind and stupid guy who did it thinks the rest of us is blind and stupid.
    No way!

    1. I guess you comment just proves how stupid you came out!

      If you would like go to Israel and figure out for yourself,
      You would be able to walk the street freely
      You would be able to go out at night and enjoy its night life
      You would be able to go to school here
      You would be able to travel freely
      You would be able to do anything you want and be left alone to do so!

      Try to live a life in Gaza and you are most likely to be killed by Hamas!

      You are blind because this is the truth!
      You are blind because you think these terrorist are seeking for peace!
      You are blind because you don't know anything about this place from a primary source! well I do! and I can see the differences! apparently so does google and bing and any other source that can point out the differences...

      Of course if you search settlement kids you are most likely to get some picture of kids with guns and so on but Israel is not lead by them and the people of Israel is not held hostage by this minority group

      Israel has justice!
      Israel has freedom for all!
      Israel is a democracy!

      Go and visit Israel and find out for yourself.
      Or even speak with someone who has been there!

      I myself have traveled the world...
      I've been to the US,
      I've been to Europe (Germany, Italy, Span, Netherlands, Belgium)
      I've been to Australia, New zeland
      I've been to Asiai (China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Sri lanka and the Maldives)

      Don't judge by appearance.
      See for yourself!

  51. I'm sorry, but you can't use Google search to judge people. Google is accessible to everyone and millions of posts are made from everyone point's of view, resulting in the world people view of them. What I meant is that Google isn't a valid method to use. Pictures and posts about people can be directed with things called SEO and I'm sure there are plenty of them and another way to direct view. If you really want to know about them, you have to live there with them, at least for a few years. Well, that's my thought.

    1. You would like to think that

      However this post shows you the exact difference in the way of life of those 2 nations!

      On one side, Israel want to live and let live
      On the other side, Hamas, wants to live to destroy Israel

      Did you know that families around Gaza strip and I mean women and children have 15 seconds to run to shelter before that are bombed by Hamas rockets, did you ever criticize Hamas for it?

      You know nothing about the reality in this region and you think just because you saw some pictures on the news you get the whole picture.... well you are wrong! sadly wrong!

  52. now do the same but use palestinian instead of hamas and tsahel instead of israel! it changes your story!! Now you think about it!

    1. Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority

      Did you know that Hamas controls everything in Gaza: Taxes, Education, Employment, Politics
      Basically it's a state separated from the west bank (they don't share a border)

  53. For a fairer comparison, please google "Israeli settlers kids":

    Who's blind and stupid now?

    1. well ,thanks
      Fair enough now ,hahaha

    2. No!
      You have it all wrong!

      You think that Israel is in fight with the Palestinians but you are wrong and therefore not so smart too...

      Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority

      Did you know that Hamas controls everything in Gaza: Taxes, Education, Employment, Politics
      Basically it's a state separated from the west bank (they don't share a border)

      The Jewish settlement is a minority who is not controlling Israel whereas Hamas is controlling Gaza and the people there... Do you understand the difference?

      I myself is apposed to the settlements but it represents a small group in the political map of Israel so don't blind us with irrelevant information

  54. Hamas is an army of 17k. Years of antagonistic education,exposure to hatful media made them oblivious to death or hurt. They have nothing to lose
    They believe in sacrifice themselves. Same as Israel only difference is we value life and they death. BTW to sacrifice one child for financial support might make sense for some families.
    They use whatever means necessary in their war. We call them terrorists because various reasons, mostly because their tactics do not discriminate civilians,these morals are drastically different from western culture.
    But “Pornography is a matter of Geography”and TIME
    Americans considered killing indigenous peoples of N.America as normal and necessary
    British killed Australian aborigines, my ancestors while populating Palestine. Who the Fuc@ cared about some Philistines living here at the time
    Crusades wiping out whole Muslims villages. Spanish wiped the Maya.How come the south Americans speak Spanish or Portuguese?
    BTW what the FUC@ did Romans look for in Scotland and British here in Palestine and Turks before them?
    It so happened that we Jews were looking for a place to hide.
    YOU KNOW WHY ? All of you OTHER PEOPLE hate us.
    It was Germans, Italians, Ukrainians, Russians and even the British who didnt lift a finger to bomb concentration camps in 1943.
    So what my parents decided to do? Move to Israel. The only place that might be considered our original home.
    I am Sorry! I am really sorry that someone was living here at the time. My parents try to live with them in peace. But what can I say? I prefer my OWN to someone else’s. The same as HAMAS.
    But we are stronger (for now). We are more humane.We comply with the Western norms&rules as we consider ourselves part of the civilized world
    But we are living on the edge of civilization and we are fighting the survival war Sometimes the rules written in Switzerland dont apply here in the wilderness.
    The same as those civilized rules didnt apply in Nebraska when CHEROKEE people where in the way of the American dream
    We in Israel walk on a very thin line on the verge of becoming the same uncivilized animals like HAMAS. The rest of us cry when that happens, when some animals among us, find themselves able to burn alive a 16 years old.
    This is simply not in our basic Jewish DNA. These are animals that we catch and put away.We can’t even KILL them because we are so humane we don’t even have a Death Penalty.Not for them and not for HAMAS. BTW ~60 countries have it, also USA, most of them are Muslim countries.
    So if anyone asks if we or Palestinians have the right to be here? YES we all do. Doesn’t matter what the reasons are.The difference in this case is we’r ready to agree peacefully with the locals, and they want to kill me.
    To eliminate the problem entirely in a short period of time,one side must die.
    In 2014,I don’t think I can kill 3mil people and get away with it. So far the Muslims don’t have the means for it NOT YET!
    But imagine that IRAN will have a nuclear bomb ?
    What will stop them from killing some 10 mil people in remote Palestine, rid the world from a Israeli-Palestinian nuisance? YES they will kill millions of Palestinians and the Muslim world will call them SHAHIDS.You think anyone will do anything? WHAT? They will use the bomb too? don’t think so.It will be too late!
    BTW,Palestinians even having the bomb will not use it probably because this will not help them much, unless its crazy man operation, for which chances are slim. Lets wait till the plans and materials will be commercially and readily available :)
    So what we are left to do? wait till they will have more to lose and this will make their ways and tactics more civilized? wait for such a time when the other side will cross the red line and this will give us some legitimacy to “reduce their numbers”? Wait for the BOMB?
    BTW,they might decide to test it on NewYork!
    Hey,London is not good,too many Muslim brothers living there :)

  55. Well you got one thing right... the slow and stupid part.

    If you didn't want propoganda to look so badly like propoganda I suppose you'd reference what the majority of Western media is saying about this conflict:

    Or you know, what every leader who has ever fought against dogged oppression has ever said:

    Or you know, apply consistency to your argument, if ever there was any logic to begin with:

    1. Regarding your first link.
      Yes, this is very unfortunate!!!
      Yes, my heart breaks as I see those images too!!!
      Yes, I want kids to grow up in a violence free environment!!!
      You fail to understand that all the above are not the desire or concern of the other side (Hamas)

      We will never send a soldier to bomb itself on civilians
      We will never order a commander to go into school and kill everyone inside!!!
      We are taught to question
      We are educated for values and humanity
      We are educated for tolerance
      This is the difference! now go back to the beginning of the post and try again.

      Regarding you're second link, I have no intentions to argue about history facts, that why we have history books, go and read it and then come back about who should get what.

      Regarding your third link. this shows how little you know about terrorism... probably your buses in your home town never exploded!
      Probably because you never had to worried about getting in line and be bother with the thought that one of the people there is an asshole with a suicidal ideology.
      Probably because you never should have worried about sending you kids to shopping malls where Hamas terrorists want to bomb themselves.

      You think that just by saying "So don't do it" you have figured it all out.
      Realize that you need 2 for Tango...
      When you ask yourself who are those 2, go back to the beginning of this post and read again.

    2. And another thing... watch this and realize what Jon Snow from your first link talked about when he said: "Together we can make a difference" put your pressure on the side who so fighting for freedom of the western culture, the same culture who lead to that so you can site somewhere in the world and communicate about global affairs with citizens of plant Earth!

      and read this:

  56. You are totaly idiot. Why "HAMAS kids/girls"???? Palestinian kids. TOTALY STUPID IDIOT.

    1. Did you know that Gaza and the west bank have 2 different authorities?
      In Gaza they have Hamas
      In the west bank they have the Palestinians Authority

      Did you know that Hamas controls everything in Gaza: Taxes, Education, Employment, Politics
      Basically it's a state separated from the west bank (they don't share a border)

      The conflict is between Israel and Hamas, not the Palestinians!
      You fail to understand the basis of this conflict and so you ate the ignorant between the two of us.

      Hamas is holing a population of more than 1m as hostage.
      They kill any Palestinian who protest against its aggression towards Israel

      Hamas has no desire to end this conflict and only aim to keep fighting and by that puts its own population in danger.

      You fail to understand who is the responsible.

  57. SO STUPID !!! Hamas is not Palestine ...
    Watch the true "palestine kids / Israel kids" on google ... Palestinian kids are abused by Israeli !!!

    1. Read the following and understand who we are fighting with.

      The only thing wrong these people (Palestinians) did is wait inline for supplies and food.

      These people (Hamas) are trying to take over Israel
      These people (Hamas) are the worlds problem!

  58. The world needs more people like you!!!

  59. Bjorn Kleiven July 24, 2014 at 9:48 AM. just want to say ...

  60. hey slow n stupid, YER NAME FITS ya H*mongering sonafabitch, you will get the h8 you put out into the world back soon, i guarantee it

  61. It's important to realize that google is not, or should not be, a universally trusted arbiter of truth. Google is a private company with its own goals and is controlled by people you don't know. Remember that!

    1. Also, to follow up, the point you are trying to make is very flimsily supported by an obviously mismatched comparison. Furthermore, even if you ignore that fact, pictures showing a huge disparity in the standards of living of two groups of kids does tell you something - but it may in fact prove the opposite of your intended point. Ironic.